Second Annual
Washington A Cappella Showcase
November 11, 2000 at the Seattle Art Museum

Hear portions* of this wonderful evening of a cappella music!  Page under construction as we finish mixing these snippets.  If the group name is underlined, you can click on it to go to their website.

The Heebee Jeebees
Why Didn't I? (entire song)    HiFi 2.5Mb   LoFi 1.2Mb
Who Put the Bomp (snippet)    HiFi 2.2Mb    LoFi 1.1Mb

Conjunction Junction  (entire song)   HiFi 2.7Mb    LoFi 1.3Mb
The Theme from The Simpsons (entire song)   HiFi 1.5Mb    LoFi 700k

Total Experience Gospel Choir
Encore    HiFi 1.3Mb     LoFi 650k

The Akafellas

Sound Design



* The HiFi files are in 128bit Stereo MP3 format for high quality sound.  So they will take a little while to download.  The LoFi are 64bit stereo.

If you have trouble, and you have a Windows machine, try Right-clicking on the link, and choose "Download".  Once the download is complete, click "Open Item".

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