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Choirs in Washington State
(Outside the Puget Sound region)

This is a list of community and professional choirs and choruses in Washington State, outside the Puget Sound region (a.k.a. the Seattle/Tacoma metropolitan area of western Washington) For choirs in the Puget Sound area, please use the link to the right to jump to that page.

This list is not intended to encompass church choirs or private, employee choirs.  These choirs should be open to anyone with sufficient talent to join!  They range from "show up and sing" community choirs to professional groups with very demanding audition processes.  Most have some sort of instrumental accompaniment.

The choir list is generally ordered by where the group normally rehearses, then in alphabetical order.  

If you see any errors, or if you know of a choir or chorus that isn't on this page, please send me whatever information you have.  You can see the most recent changes hereLast updated May 12, 2011.

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SouthWest (Vancouver)

Bravo! Vancouver
Size: 60+ members
Style:  Wide range, from Baroque to Jazz.

Rehearses: Vancouver, WA
More info:

Chor Anno (the annual choir)
Size: 25 (mostly choral conductors from various parts of Washington and Oregon)
Style: Finest in choral literature of all types
Rehearses: Vancouver, WA
More Information:

Male Ensemble Northwest
Size: about 14
Rehearses: Longview, WA
More info:

Metro Arts Chorale
Size: Unknown
Style: Eclectic mix, ranging from classics and madrigals, to Fats Waller swing, to jazz and contemporary.  Members are expected to be able to read music and carry a part on their own.
Rehearses: Vancouver
More info: Director Tony Bump, 310-729-5290

Northwest Harmony Chorus
Size: About 30 women of all ages
Style: Barbershop (Sweet Adelines)
Rehearses: Vancouver, WA
More info:

Touch of Class Chorale
Size:  About 50+ members
Style: Everything from Beethoven to Broadway, the Beatles to Josh Groban, variety shows, and favorites.  "Giving back to the community in song."
Rehearses:  Vancouver, WA
More info:

Vancouver Girls Choir
Size: Varies
Style:  Music education for young women.  Separated into three levels by age group:  K-1st grade, 2nd - 6th grade, and 7th through 12th grade.  Associated with Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation.
More info:

Vancouver Madrigal Singers
Size: 12
Style:  English renaissance madrigals
Rehearses: Vancouver, WA
More info:

Vancouver USA Singers
Size: 100+ members
Style:  Community Choir, with varied repertoire from Bach to Broadway, sacred, spirituals, major works.

Rehearses: Vancouver, 4300 Main Street
More info: or 360-693-1616

NorthEast (Leavenworth, Spokane)

BreakOut Choir
Size: About 10
Style: Contemporary Christian, mostly original music
Rehearses: Spokane Valley
More info:

Leavenworth Village Voices
Size: 30 members
Style: Folk, Broadway, etc.
Rehearses: Leavenworth
More info:

Mountain Melodies
Size: about 25 women of all ages
Style: Barbershop (Sweet Adelines)
Rehearses: Colville
More info:

Pages of Harmony
Size: About 30 men
Style: Barbershop
Rehearses: Spokane
More info:

RiversEdge Chorus
Size:  About 20 women
Style:  Barbershop (Sweet Adelines)
Rehearses: Spokane
More info:

Spirit of Spokane Chorus (formerly Spokane Falls Chorus)
Size: about 50 women of all ages
Style: Barbershop (Sweet Adelines)
Rehearses: Spokane
More info:

Spokane Area Children's Chorus
Size: Over 100 in seven different choir levels, for ages 7 to 17.
Style:  Wide range of music.  "The goal of SACC is the pursuit of musical excellence at all levels. This builds self-esteem and nurtures the artistic and personal growth of our members in a joyful and supportive way. Weekly rehearsals emphasize the development of musicianship, vocal techniques and performance skills."
Rehearses: Spokane
More info:

Spokane Community Choir
Size: Unknown
Style:  "A cappella songs for the global community"
Rehearses: Spokane

More info:  Melanie Luedders, director (509) 455-8011

Tapestry Women's Choir
Size: 20 to 24 women
Style: An auditioned choir performing a wide variety of music from new commissions to classics.
Rehearses: Colfax
More info:

Wenatchee Apollo Club
Size: About 50 men
Style: Unknown
Rehearses: Wenatchee
More info:

Wenatchee Appleaires
Size: 50 women
Style: Unknown
Rehearses: Wenatchee
More info: As of 2010, President Kathy Monroe at 509-679-1959.


SouthEast (Richland, Tri-Cities, Yakima)

Blue Mountain Chorus
Size: About 30 women
Style: Barbershop (Sweet Adelines)
Rehearses: Walla Walla
More info:

Cascade Winds Chorus
Size: about 16 women
Style: Barbershop (Sweet Adelines)
: Yakima
More info:

Columbia Chorale
Size: About 25
Style: Wide range
Rehearses: Kennewick
More info:

Columbia River Chordsmen
Size: about 25 men, ages 16 to over 70
Style: Barbershop (Barbershop Harmony Society)
Rehearses: Kennewick, Thursday evenings.
More info:

Mid-Columbia Mastersingers, or Consort Columbia
Size: About 40
Style:  Variety of styles and periods
Rehearses: Richland
More info: or

Rolling Hills Chorus
Size: about 50 women, ages 14 to over 70
Style: Barbershop (Sweet Adelines)
: Richland, Tuesday evenings.
More info:

Three Rivers Children's Chorus
Size: Two choirs of about 60 young singers each, grades 2 through 9.
Style: Wide range of styles, languages, cultures and time periods.
: Richland
More info:

Valley of the Sun
Size: about 20 men
Style: Barbershop (Barbershop Harmony Society)
Rehearses: Yakima, Monday Evenings
More info:

Yakima Symphony Chorus
Size: About 50
Rehearses: Yakima
More info:



NorthWest (Seattle, Tacoma)

See the Choirs in the Puget Sound Area page for the 130+ groups in the northwest corner of the state.



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Another good resource is the American Choral Directors Association.  The site for Washington state is here:

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